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In Zuid-Afrika

09.01.2017 . 10.02

Britse toeristen maken amazing opnames van witte haai

Een groep Britse toeristen maakte bij Kleinbaai in Zuid-Afrika schitterende beelden van een witte haai. Je ziet het dier uit water springen, terwijl hij het aas probeert op te eten.

TLB belde nog even met geographic information system officer Joseph Butler om te vragen wat er nou precies gebeurde.

Contrary to what a lot of people think when they look at this, the animal is not hooked or captured in any way. He has just managed to clasp the other end of the rope between his teeth.Looking closely, you can see that the eyes have rolled back into the head, which is a normal reaction to protect the eye during prey capture.

The idea of getting these incredible pictures was to break the misconception that sharks are thirsty for human blood. It is frequently found as a foreign concept when I explain that the sharks were largely uninterested in us, and that they are a lot more vulnerable than first thought. What I love most about this kind of photography is breaking down people's preconceptions about nature.

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